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Pitman Center

Before it was known as Pitman Center, this area located between Gatlinburg and Cobbly Nob was known as Emerts Cove, named after Fredrick Emert who arrived in 1784 and settled the area.  Today, Pitman Center is a very welcome escape from the rampant growth and commercialism that affects so much of Sevier County.  Somewhat “allergic” to development, Pitman Center offers a quieter style of living (or vacation) with fewer signs of the 10-12 million annual visitors that the Greater Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area hosts annually.

In fact, even the entry sign to Pitman Center serves as a warning notice to would-be developers.  While newcomers without development ambitions are welcome in Pitman Center the community planning offices in Pitman Center take a very dim view of the large neighborhoods stuffed with postage stamp sized lots that have become too common in some other parts of Sevier County real estate.

Pitman Center does however provide a great backdrop for the craft heritage of the Gatlinburg area with several small arts and crafts shops dotting the area.  With only a couple of active residential developments there generally aren’t that many sales in Pitman Center.

As of Tuesday, March 20, 2018 there were 1,359 residential properties listed for sale in our Great Smoky Mountains Association of Realtors® MLS database.  The 9 residences for sale in the Pitman Center area as of the same date were listed at an average price of $456,700.
All information provided by Jeff Schoenfield, Broker/Owner, All Pro, Realtors, Inc.