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The county seat of Sevier County, Sevierville (pronounced “Severe-ville”) is also named for the very remarkable John Sevier, one of the early settlers of the area as well as the only governor of the failed state of Franklin which Sevierville was initially a part of.  John Sevier also served as the first governor of the state of Tennessee.  With the largest number of permanent residents of any of the cities within our area, Sevierville is in our opinion one of the very best places to live within Sevier County and is in fact where we make our own home.  Located about 12 miles north of Gatlinburg, Sevierville is composed of rolling hills and open farmland though much of the latter has now been developed into subdivisions.  The US Postal Service codes any area outside of the communities of Seymour, Pigeon Forge, or Gatlinburg as being Sevierville which creates some confusing addressing issues.  For instance, areas outside of the Gatlinburg city limits but much closer to downtown Gatlinburg than to Sevierville (or Pigeon Forge for that matter) are still given Sevierville addresses by the post office.

Sevierville has grown very rapidly since the 2000 census recorded a population of 11,757 and estimates are that the city’s residents now number over 16,000 which is a rather dramatic increase.  The area’s low crime, spectacular scenery, mild but distinct weather seasons, and affordable living continue to draw many people to live and/or retire here each year.  With the influx of people making Sevierville their home the schools here have had to grow quickly and there are some growing pains in that respect.  Sevier County High School (grades 9-12) currently has over 1700 students enrolled although it was never designed to hold that number of students.  The only 5A school in the county, the Sevier County Smoky Bears were the state football champs in 1999 and regularly compete well in most every athletic endeavor.  A large and accomplished band program is another option for students to participate in.  There will soon have to be another high school built or major additions to the existing facility as the number of students in the primary schools are rapidly growing as well.  Sevierville Primary School (grades K-2) just completed a couple of years ago now has 737 students and there are also 730 children attending Sevierville Intermediate School (grades 3-5).  Sevierville Middle School (grades 6-8) has over 700 students and most of all of these children will be headed to Sevier County High School as they mature.

Even though it is primarily a residential community Sevierville also has a major role in the tourist economy of our area.  With the Tanger – 5 Oaks Outlet complex, Governor’s Crossing, the new Sevierville Events Center and thousands of hotel and timeshare units Sevierville’s revenues often exceed those of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  Once only a small community of area citizens, Sevierville is now the quickest growing part of the county.  The latest addition is the new hospital and cancer center which will greatly improve the nature of medical services in Sevier County.

As of Saturday, May 19, 2018 there were 1,423 residential properties listed for sale in our Great Smoky Mountains Association of Realtors® MLS database.  The 276 residences currently for sale in Sevierville as of this review were listed at an average price of $356,331.  Primarily full time residences, there are also cabin communities and condominium developments.  In terms of price per square foot, Sevierville is one of Sevier County’s more affordable market areas.
All information provided by Jeff Schoenfield, Broker/Owner, All Pro, Realtors, Inc.