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Waldens Creek/Bluff Mountain Areas

The unincorporated areas of Waldens Creek and Bluff Mountain are communities that are generally west of Pigeon Forge and southwest of Sevierville.  Access to these areas is primarily (and almost only) by Waldens Creek Road which intersects with Highway 321 about 3 miles west of Pigeon Forge.  With difficult topography on the other three sides there is only a very limited access by any other route.  Once at Waldens Creek, a visitor will however find lush valley farmland and a very attractive community.

Flooding is occasionally an issue in parts of the Waldens Creek area as the creek will rise after a heavy rain. Waldens Creek may well be where the old country saying “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…” originally came from. Because flood insurance can be VERY expensive it is particularly important to make sure that any property you may consider buying ISN’T in a flood zone. There are flood certification maps and even companies that make it their business to determine which properties may be flood prone and to what degree they might be. If you aren’t sure be VERY careful before you buy.

Adjoining Walden’s Creek is Bluff Mountain which is NEVER prone to flooding.  In fact, if Bluff Mountain floods we may need another ark in a hurry.  Bluff Mountain offers some spectacular views and although sparsely populated until very recently, is now being developed.  A mixture of farms and rental cabins as well as several neighborhoods that are primarily vacation rentals, there are now some of the most luxurious homes in the county being built in neighborhoods such as The Summit on Bluff Mountain.  If you are looking for property in any part of Sevier County, please allow us to serve as your buyer’s agent at no expense to you representing your interests.

Waldens Creek is home to the Waldens Creek Riding Stables, one of my family’s favorite places to go horseback riding.  With lots of fun and various special activities during our tourist season this facility is a favorite of visitors to our area as well.

Students in the Waldens Creek / Bluff Mountain area are zoned to attend Pigeon Forge schools all the way K-12.  For more information regarding Sevier County schools please click here.

As of Friday, March 23, 2018 there were 1,359 residential properties listed for sale in our Great Smoky Mountains Association of Realtors® MLS database.  The 33 residences for sale in our MLS area of Waldens Creek/Bluff Mountain as of this review were listed at an average price of $500,767.  This is an up and coming area of Sevier County and will likely continue to grow in coming years in name recognition as well as units sold.

All information provided by Jeff Schoenfield, Broker/Owner, All Pro, Realtors, Inc.